Individual therapy may help you with issues such as feeling distress (e.g., loneliness, sadness, anxiety, worry, self-esteem issues), troubles in feeling and/or managing emotions, relationship difficulties, and difficulty with family, friends, and work.

Individual therapy aims at reducing psycho-emotional suffering, developing self-awareness and relational skills, improving the understanding of yourself and the other (read more on Gestalt Psychotherapy and Why Psychotherapy sections).

My previous career in Academia places me in a special position for welcoming University students and/or researchers (i.e., PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, academic professionals). As an academic, you may encounter doubts about your personal abilities, your psychological well-being during the studies/working career, difficulties in working in a competitive environment, anxiety.

Individual Therapy
  • Duration: ~50 min

  • Price (exempt from VAT): 65 Euro

  • Reduced price for students: 55 Euro

  • Discount: 10% on the total price when booking 5 sessions

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Couples Therapy
  • Duration: ~75 min

  • Price (exempt from VAT): 85 Euro

  • Discount: 10% on the total price when booking 5 sessions

"All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".

The motivations that can bring a couple to ask for therapy are several. For example, couples therapy may help you with issues such as communication difficulties, loss of intimacy, anger towards the partner, troubles in feeling and/or managing emotions, organizational matters. 


Couples therapy aims at reducing psycho-emotional suffering, developing personal and couple's self-awareness, improving communication and relational skills, increasing  the understanding of yourself and the partner (read more on Gestalt Psychotherapy and Why Psychotherapy sections, and in my blog post).

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Group therapy offer varies depending on the period. Read below to find out what is available in this period.

Coronavirus online support group

The group has the aim to promote the sharing of personal experiences, thoughts, sufferings, challenges, and emotions related to the pandemic the humanity is facing. In a non-judgmental and non-authoritarian atmosphere, the group aims also at receiving and exchanging support, developing self-awareness, reducing psycho-emotional suffering, feeling connected, and enhancing the sense of community.

The group will start as soon as 6 English-speaking participants are interested in participating. The group will meet online every two weeks.

For each participant, a 30-min free online meeting will be held preliminarily.
Group Therapy

Coronavirus online support group:

  • Number of participants: 6

  • Number of sessions: 8

  • Duration per session: 1 hour and a half

  • Price per participant (exempt from VAT): 200 Euro

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